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Anonymous Asked:
I know the ideas of mori girl & spring formal/prom may kinda clash, but I was wondering if there's any way to incorporate mori into prom?

My answer:

Hi ^^ I am from Australia, so I’m not 100% on what is acceptable for prom but here are some ideas: 






I think if you are going to try a formal mori-girl style, you should definitely stick to a long skirt. I think something like one of these could work well paired with a cute flower crown and matching shoes ^^ if you go for a white dress, make sure your accessories are colourful (eg. pink or dark brown) so that it doesn’t look too bride-ish. 

Or then you could go for a much more traditional mori-girl style like these: 



or something more gyaru-ish:


or something more lolita-ish



hope you find what you’re looking for xoxo

(In Japanese)

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How to say ‘mori’ (or at least how I say it??)

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alisainwonderxland Asked:
Hi there, I found out about Mori Girl and Natural Kei today, and I was wondering if you could explain the differences and similarities of the two? I saw the post on the dif between Mori and Dolly, and the post on what Natural Kei was, but I'm not quite sure of the style differences between "forest" and "peasant chic." Thanks!

My answer:

Hi ^^

Natural kei is a much older style than Mori, dating back to the 70s. It is a pastoral, historical or period look whereas Mori is more fairy-tale forest. The two styles do overlap a lot however there are some things which are only one or the other. Here are some examples:

Natural Kei only


Mori Girl only

Naturally, there is A LOT of grey area here. Some things one person would call Natural Kei, another would call Mori. Some outfits can be distinctly one or the other, but quite a lot could be either. It really depends what the wearer identifies as. Mori is somewhat a result of experimenting with Natural kei, so it’s only expected that they look a lot alike! 

xx Pie

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